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About us

Lac Me Kennel has owned and bred Shih Tzu the last 30 years. Our females is based upon Scandinavian and English bloodlines.
 Our goal is to breed dogs that are both good natured and well presented.
 We breed our dogs to be good family dogs as well as suited for exibitions and future breeding. We value the entirety along with the typical qualities  of the Shih Tzu.

 In general we desire a good disposition of the head and the bite as well as  good movement. We follow the English standard.
The different bloodlines all have their strengths and weaknesses.
 When breeding, with our knowledge of Scandinavian bloodlines, we do our best  to stay away from carriers of disease and disqualification errors.
 We collaborate with many other Shih Tzu breeders and owners in the North.
 We believe that only toghether we can maintain the originality of the Shih  Tzu breed as it is ment to be.
 Of the dogs that we have bought from other breeders, we have led 6 of them to gain the 'Champion' title. These dogs are;

N CH Livia’s Love Affair
NS CH Danilos Hardy Timmy
N CH Tigerbay’s Game in Gold       
N CH Tigerbay’s Fire Walk With Me
N CH Shieriko’s Nina Ricci         
N CH Tangse Lady Brilliant -
NUCH Popeys Champagne Noir
INT UCH  UCH Tangse Wild Angel  -
NUCH Frejahøydens Moneypenny -
NSUCH Shih-Bi-Chow`s Tutti Frutti

 These dogs have offspring on 'most winning lists' in all 4 Nordic countries.
 Some of them have had offspring that is of great importance for us as well  as other breeders.

 We have throughout the years bred 14 Champions so far. Some of them holding  the title in several countries. In addition to that, we have bred about 20 CC winners. We have had dogs on the 'most winning list' since 1995, and as many as 6 of them simultaneously.(in one year)

                Our champions:                                 

N CH Lac-Me’s Empire Love
N CH Lac-Me’s Sire Gallahad *
N & S CH Lac-Me’s Here Comes the Sun *
N CH Lac-Me’s Honey Pie *
N CH Lac-Me’s Place In Your Heart *
N CH Lac-Me’s Expect No Mercy *
NORD CH Lac-Me’s My Heart Goes Boom *
NORD CH Lac-Me’s No Dream Impossible *
N CH Lac- Me’s Seven Seas Of Rhye *
NUCH Lac-Me’s Listen To Your Heart Beat
INT NORD FIN UCH Lac-Me`s Sugar Caine
NSUCH Lac-Me`s A Kind O`Magic*
INT NORD Lac-Me`s Sweet Home Chicago
NSUCH Lac-Me`s C`Est La Vie
NUCH Lac-Me`s Cover Me
INT NORD UCH Lac-Me`s Hannah Montana
INT NORD UCH Lac-Me`s My Heart Will Go On
NUCH DKUCH Lac-Me`s Sweet Home Alebama
NJV-11 NUCH Lac-Me`s Love Game
NJV NUCH FINUCH SUCH Lac-Me`s Get The Party Started
VDH Europian Juniorwinner , Junior UCH Lac-Me`s One Step Closer German Junior Champion
FI & SE CH V-14 HeW-14 Lac-Me`s Instant Karma
NUCH Lac-Me`s Heartbreaker
NUCH DKUCH DKJW-14 Lac-Me`s Russian Roulette
NUCH Lac-Me`s Only Girl
NUCH Lac-Me`s Made To Measure






Merete Baraa
Eva Larsen
Email: ilacmekennel@gmail.com